This documentation is a step-by-step tutorial about how to implement common machine learning algorithms with the help of DeepLearning.scala.

Run this tutorial

The tutorials is written in Jupyter Notebook format. We encourage you download this tutorial and run locally on your own computer.

Step 1: Download and unzip this tutorial


Step 2: Install Jupyter Scala

Jupyter Scala is the Scala plugin of Jupyter Notebook. You can find the instruction to install it on Jupyter Scala’s project page.

Step 3: Start Jupyter Notebook

cd DeepLearning.scala-website-master/demo
jupyter notebook

Alternative format

  • You can view this tutorial online. Getting Started is the first one.
  • If you find any idea of this tutorial, you may want to create issues or Pull Requests on its Github repository.

Other resources

DeepLearning.scala is an open source deep-learning toolkit in Scala created by our colleagues at ThoughtWorks. We're excited about this project because it uses differentiable functional programming to create and compose neural networks; a developer simply writes code in Scala with static typing.