Announcing DeepLearning.scala 2.0.0-RC1

03 July 2017

Today, we are happy to announce DeepLearning.scala 2.0.0-RC1, a release candidate of DeepLearning.scala 2.

DeepLearning.scala 2.0 comes with two major features in addition to DeepLearning.scala 1.0: dynamic neural networks and Factory-based plugins.

In DeepLearning.scala 2.0, a neural network is an ordinary Scala function that returns a Layer, which represents the process that dynamically creates computational graph nodes, instead of static computational graphs in TensorFlow or some other deep learning frameworks. All Scala features, including functions and expressions, are available in DeepLearning.scala’s dynamic neural networks.

Factory-based plugins resolve expression problem. Any hyperparameters, neural network optimization algorithms or special subnetworks are reusable in the simple Factory[YourPlugin1 with YourPlugin2] mechanism.

See Getting Started to have a try.

DeepLearning.scala is an open source deep-learning toolkit in Scala created by our colleagues at ThoughtWorks. We're excited about this project because it uses differentiable functional programming to create and compose neural networks; a developer simply writes code in Scala with static typing.